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Buffy the Vampire Slayer GIF Challenge

Up way too late and haven’t done a random gif challenge in a long time. Thought I’d do this one and do something a bit different.

Enjoy and if you respond to this challenge with one of your own, post a link so I can see it. 🙂

Thanks so much and have a pleasant day/evening/whatever the case may be.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer GIF Challenge

I’m going to change things up a bit. Start at the end of your folder and work your way up. You can choose the nth number of GIFs you would like to use. Just make sure you state it so everyone else knows. I will be using every 10th GIF.

You just found out you’re the new Slayer:


Meeting your new Watcher for the first time:


You during your training:


Your reaction to killing your first vampire:



Your loyal best friend(s) who fight by your side:


Your mysterious lover:


What you do when you’re out patrolling:


How you face your fears:


The new Big Bad in Town:


The horrific nightmare the Big Bad has forced inside of your head:


Your Watcher’s reaction when he finds out how to kill the Big Bad:


The Big Bad’s weakness that leads to its death:


How you and your friends celebrate your victory:






Lol. Hardly any of these make any sense. Though, the way the weakness of the big bad is hilarious.

Going to try to get some sleep now. Sweet dreams everyone.

❤ Susan

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