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Too young and too naive,sunny-road-1-679374-m

You’ll never make it there.

Failure awaits if you leave,

You have not one prayer.


Long, winding sea of road

Leads the way to a new life.

Jaw clenched, negative mode

Leaving this world of strife.


Swear they know me so well,

Failing to realize their words

Compel me to say farewell.

Freeing myself from these cords.


Motor humming, wheels rolling

Getting far away from there

Away from them – so controlling.

I make it here – I’ll make it anywhere.


© S. Reed


This poem is in response to today’s Daily Prompt.

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere,” goes the famous song about New York City. Is there a place — a city, a school, a company — about which you think (or thought) the same? Tell us why, and if you ever tried to prove that claim.

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