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My Daughter’s Soul


My Daughter’s Soul

My Daughter's Soul
My Daughter’s Soul

Seventeen-year-old Sami Abrams has been blessed throughout her life: an unbreakable friendship with Darius Levine, academic and athletic scholarship offers, life in the dynamic city of New Orleans, and a devoted family.  The Abrams have learned to stay strong together in their Christian faith despite how unforgiving life can be.

However, when Sami – an only child – learns that her mother has an advanced stage of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, she swears an oath to do whatever it takes to make her well again. When a stranger approaches her with a proposal that’s far too tempting to overlook, Sami is forced to make a choice…

But is the price too high?

How far is she prepared to go to take away her mother’s pain?

Sami Abrams’ faith will be tested like never before.

~Upcoming Book Jacket for My Daughter’s Soul

I have been working on this book idea for close to four years. I hope that it is completed in the very near future. The idea is based upon my own past and how I dealt with the learning of my mother’s cancer. It does help in the grieving process and getting all of the emotions out that come with losing someone you’re close to.

It might be a while longer to finish it but I am shooting for this year to have it finished. I have this habit of trying to perfect what I’m working on and that takes a ton of time!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

With all my love,


This post was written in response to today’s Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

P.S. I have already written and published two poetry books. They are about how I’ve coped with depression, love, and everything I’ve encountered the first 30 years of life. Main goal with these?

To let people that are hurting and in pain know that they are not alone. It does get better and you should never bottle up your pain.

P.S.S. Today’s song while writing – throw back to Three Dog Night. Love this Song !

6 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Soul”

  1. What an amazing book this is going to be! Before I knew it was already in the process of being written, I was thinking that you should definitely write it. I think it’s so amazing that you are a published writer. I want to be an author one day in the future. Best of luck with your writing and I hope that you can finish your book as soon as possible so the world can see and read It! No rush of course; writing takes time as you already know.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and your wonderful words. 🙂

      Yes, it does take quite awhile to write a novel and such – especially when you’re constantly making sure everything is just right. I am making progress and really want the characters to shine.

      That’s amazing that you’re wanting to be an author as well. I can’t wait to read your blog and see what you come up with! Just followed you so I’ll be keeping in touch.

      Have an awesome evening and a great week!

      1. Its the least I can do! Yeah I’m sure that when you write a book, you want to do the absolute best and maybe more than you can. Yes I have wanted to be an author for quite sometime. I was wondering if you think there is an “age limit” to being a writer? Thank you so much for following my blog! You’re in luck since my blog is all about reading and writing. I look forward to keeping in touch and hope you will enjoy my upcoming posts. Have a good evening and rest of your day too!

      2. Thanks so far, so good !

        I don’t think there’s an “age limit” to writing honestly. I used to write all sorts of stories when I was growing up and winning school awards for some of those stories in fact. The same thing with my painting. My brother (it’s safe to say this now cuz we’re way older) but he wanted to win an art contest and I painted him a picture of this scary tree that won (I think 2nd place?).

        The thing is, I really believe that once you find what makes you tick – what you find real pleasure in doing so much, it doesn’t feel like work, the younger the better. Then, by the time you get to be in your 30s, you’re way seasoned in your passion.

        Since you’re wanting to be an author, read as much as you can. It gets the mind going. 🙂 And write every day! Even if it’s something silly like an octopus from outer space that wants to take over the world but in reality, he’s just trying to find his own people.

        Hope this bit of advice helped you out some. 🙂

        Also, if you want to write that kind of story about the octopus, feel free to do that! lol

  2. Oh! Readersandmore,

    And yes! I think you could be a published author. I’ll check more into it because I’m not entirely sure of the guide lines with Kindle, Goodreads, etc about minors publishing ..if they need a parent’s consent. But self publishing opens up the doors to so many writes nowadays that makes it very possible for you to get your own book out there.

    Thanks again, and Good Luck!

    Have a fantastic rest of your week. 🙂


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