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Icy Touch

Icy Touch

Rest in Peace  Sept. 19, 1984 - April 20, 2015
Rest in Peace
Sept. 19, 1984 – April 20, 2015

Broken heart and clenched fists

Not a stranger to agony’s stinging kiss.

Somehow, still not prepared for this –

Thirst for vengeance, so hard to dismiss.


Death’s icy touch grazes yet again

Never relenting… never showing mercy.

Human flaws, consequences inhumane,

The end came too quick for his journey.


Neither old age nor disease was the tool –

Was an act by one – his thinking terribly flawed.

Unholy deed committed by an unreserved fool,

A mortal man pretending he was a god.


Three decades – now my cousin, gone!

Taken from this earth by man’s invention.

Memories and pain, I continue to dwell on.

Ending a life, beyond my comprehension.


One question leads me into a trance –

If I could reap vengeance on this person,

What would I do if I had that chance?

Coming to the answer, more than certain.


Had I the ability to dispense justice,

“Eye for eye, or tooth for tooth?”

Mere notion of him, I’m utterly disgusted.

I’m a human that never would.


© Susan Reed 2015


My cousin was only 30 years old when he passed away last week due to being shot by another individual. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how one human being can do that to another.

Michael and I grew up together and were close as children. As we grew up, we lived in different states and adulthood got in the way. Distance never made me stop loving him. I will, for the rest of my life, keep him in my thoughts. One day, I will tell my children stories of him.

If I had five minutes in a room alone with the individual who decided to carry out this deed, I wouldn’t hit him or attempt to meet him with vengeance. I would probably do something along these lines. It’s a clip of Doctor Who and the guy they’re holding back just killed the Doctor’s daughter:

I truly wish that it was the foundation of our society. PeopleHumans that never would.

I love you, MIkey. I’ll never ever forget you.

Love always,





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