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Death’s Knock

Death’s Knock


Matter of my mortality raised,

Understanding at a young age.

Sightless stare leaves me dazed,

Childish heart filled with rage.


Year after year has passed,

As does those I adore.

Life as well as pain won’t last,

Death’s knock loud at the door.


For me, it will one day beckon,

My mind seems to wander.

The prime learned lesson,

My life won’t be squandered.


When it’s my time to leave,

And my sight is no longer there.

Don’t take too long to grieve,

Enjoy life, filling your heart with care.


© Susan Reed.

Written in Response to Today’s Daily Prompt: Finite Creatures

5 thoughts on “Death’s Knock”

  1. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Feel free to copy and paste the badge from my post.
    The details are as followed on the post. Thanks for all your wonderful work!

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