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Ten Things Not To Say To A Writer

If you’re a writer, you’ve been there before.

Getting your hair cut, nails done, or checking out in the grocery lane and you’re asked, “So, what do you do for a living? Just get off work?”

“Yeah, I’m a writer,” I say and smile back at them after they respond usually with one of these ten responses.  More often than not, I cringe but just go about my day.

Yes, I stay up at 3 a.m. and just have to finish that one chapter. Or jump out of the bed because my brain decided to say, “Oh, hey! You forgot to write this down!”

Here are my top ten things not to say to a writer. There is a fair amount of GIF usage.


1.) “You’re still not done writing that novel?”

Thanks so much for reminding me…I’ll get right to that.



2.) “So, when are you getting a real job?”

*blank stare* Really?



3.) “I liked the movie version a lot more.”



4.) “That’s a nice hobby.”



5.) “Oh, hey! You should write about _______ .”


6.) “Is your book free on Kindle?”



7.) “Writing is so easy. Anyone can do it.”



8.) “I don’t get it…..”


9.) “How much money do you make writing?”

How much money do you make?



10.) “I don’t like reading.”




What are some things people say to you, as a writer, that drives you nuts?

Thank you


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