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The Graveyard

Good morning, everyone!

Normally, after I’ve finished creating a piece of poetry, I’ll post it up here for you to read without anything said beforehand. Not so much today.

I wanted to throw you guys out some warnings.

This particular post is in response to the #DearDepression tag that was written to encourage awareness for depression by the Unpredictable Life Blog.

The poem I’ve penned called “The Graveyard” goes back to the days of when I was incredibly depressed. I had a lot of things going on and it wasn’t just a moment or two of feeling slightly glum or upset. A lot of things contributed to those feelings and what have you.

I’m saying this and wanting to throw out a bit of a trigger warning to those that have been that depressed before.

I want to post this (after a lot of debate in my already overactive mind ) because I hope that it will help those out there who are suffering from depression. I hope it gives you hope and know that you’re not alone in those sort of feelings.

Trust me.

I’ve made it to the 33 year mark and, to be honest, sometimes that downright surprises me.

With that said, here’s my poem about “The Graveyard”.

With all my love and blessings,








Finally alone in my car –

Sitting, I look at the stones
So quiet, so peaceful
Nothing to bother me…

No more than fifty feet
Cars driving fast
People walking like ants
Eyes keeping a steady watch…

Sitting alone in my car
Looking at the grey markers
Of those who have departed
Turning the radio louder..

Lyric rings in my ear so true
Bleed to know you’re alive
Unsheathing the razor blade
Cold metal rests on pale skin..

Tears rushing down my freckled face
Clenching jaw, heart quickened pace
Closing my eyes ever so tight.
A voice in my head, “This isn’t right.”

Laying back in my lonely car
Seeing the life force on my arm
So dark and deep crimson
Flowing off my pale flesh……

Never has or will be deep enough –

To take away the pain within
Tossing the blade to the side
I’m truly not ready yet to die.

© Susan Reed

Thank you







Also, this song helped me out of a lot of negative thoughts.

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