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Fox’s Hope



Deep sapphire eyes – staring at the hunters.

Ears perk, hearing words from monsters,

“They’re in Africa. Golden and new.

The wolf was discovered today.

A fresh animal to add to my wall.

A quick shot and he’ll be through.”


Burrowing deep in the white snow,

He’ll never see me – lie low.

True to my nature, little ashen fox –

My nature, sneaky and ever so sly.

His nature is to maim, mine is to live.

Nestled in his truck, next to the gun box.


Wolf or fox, it matters not to me –

Tossing the box to the side with glee.

Hopping up and down in the truck’s bed,

Sliding forward, losing my position.

Tumbling to the ground – staring at the sky.

Running as fast as I can – gun shots fire over my head.


I finally escape the hunter’s wrath,

Hidden off the road’s narrow path.

Did I stop them? Save my brothers?

Probably no more than a distraction.

Small distraction from a little fox –

From killing us all, one after another.


Watching him from my snowy mountain,

He kicks his truck and then shouted –

“I’ll go to Africa and will not rest –

The wolf is mine – nothing can stop me.

Nothing can get in a hunter’s way!”

They’ll kill us all until there’s nothing left.


Rushing into the deep cave of my home,

My young and mate unsafe to roam.

When will the humans stop to see the true prize –

Treasure our kind and see us as one.

Can’t they see we all share this world?

My little family – seeing hope in their eyes.

~The End. 

© Susan Reed

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