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Alive  for so long now, Not who I was but still the same. Many mistakes somehow allow - Flaws to take the ultimate blame.   Told I'm not as good as I think I am, The reality is I never thought I was. Naïve and trusting, I've been scammed; Failures cause me to take pause.… Continue reading Flaws

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Shakespeare’s Hamlet Reading

One of the pleasures that I enjoy is reading Shakespeare. Hamlet is a wonderful play about revenge, betrayal, and depression. For all of the flaws of the main character, the thing I love most is how human he is  portrayed because we all feel those things at some point of our lives. Some can hide… Continue reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet Reading

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How My Writing Services Can Help Your Blog

Starting a blog can be fun and exciting! With all the different options of how to create a decent looking website or blog, you take pride in your piece of real estate on the internet. Your blog or website must not only look fantastic, but you need great content! You have a passion, right? Some… Continue reading How My Writing Services Can Help Your Blog