Alive  for so long now,

Not who I was but still the same.

Many mistakes somehow allow –

Flaws to take the ultimate blame.


Told I’m not as good as I think I am,

The reality is I never thought I was.

Naïve and trusting, I’ve been scammed;

Failures cause me to take pause.


Looking at the world with child’s eyes,

Trying to see the good and not the bad.

Traits left me open room to be criticized,

Another disappointment left me sad.


Naïve, trusting, and ever so gullible

Are my main character faults –

Though they leave me vulnerable,

There must be someone who isn’t false.

© Susan Reed

This poem was written in response to today’s Daily Prompt.

P.S. A video of me reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet “To Be or Not To Be” below.

Thank you so much for visiting!

Happy Holidays to you all,



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