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Humans are all the same, Yet - so very different. Fears bring us to shame... Though we can be brilliant.   Speaking before an eager crowd, Some watch with an open mind. Still; fear of judgment rings so loud Leaving courage hard to find.   Is speaking publicly so petrifying? What can they really do?… Continue reading Rejection

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Diablo 3 – Firebird’s Finery Wizard (Season 5 | 2.4)

The new season, especially if you've never played the seasons in Diablo 3, can be a bit difficult. This is my Diablo 3 Toon  for Season 5 and the new 2.4 patch. This is my first seasonal character and she's pretty new at level 146 in the start of the video at the end of this… Continue reading Diablo 3 – Firebird’s Finery Wizard (Season 5 | 2.4)