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Of the many days and hours spent with you,

I’ve come to learn what true love means.

Many years ago, we started out brand new

Meeting through our computer screens.


Many people had, and will have, their opinions –

How we should never be together –

Of course, we have our own grand visions.

Two people making the other better.


Love isn’t about constantly agreeing

Or only noticing the slight, shiny segments.

Embracing my love as their heart is sent grieving

And standing beside him for his worst events.


Love is seeing every part of the other –

The deep snore late at night,

When desire would so much rather

Complain loudly of this unfair plight.


The realization – twelve hours were worked,

And the one you love is simply exhausted.

Closing my weary eyes, leaving it unremarked –

The insignificant crisis entirely forgotten.


Love is barely having two dimes to rub,

Looking at each other and making a vow –

Finding a way to make it all add up

And making it through anyhow.


After all, agreeing to that solemn pledge

So very long ago that still rings of certainty.

Taking each others’ hand, standing at the edge –

We belong to one another for eternity.


© Susan Reed



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