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Sounds and chatter of this world Can drive a person to a quiet madness. Before too long, could be found curled - Tight in a ball, choking on sadness.   When they all look, point, and stare - Mind's eye wishes for invisibility. Then, you wonder about this despair, Why such a target of hostility?… Continue reading Voice

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Early morning dew kisses the meadow, Sun barely making its way over the hill. Pale blue sky behind the rainbow, Staring at the beauty - standing still.   Another day breaks as I stand at the edge, So many choices to make - where to start? Then I remember when I made my pledge, To… Continue reading Edge

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When my husband and I were spending an entire weekend at the Smoky Mountains, I told him that I'd never actually seen a Sunset. We didn't spend a lot of time in the shops but we were hiking and exploring the entire weekend - it was magnificent. It felt so good to be with him,… Continue reading Half-Light

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Much dread in this world, How will I ever progress? Fearless, I will win. © Susan Reed With so many things that can have the potential to hold us back from moving forward to where we want to be, we have to keep moving forward and become fearless. Much love to you all and I… Continue reading Fearless

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How Do You Ask For Help?

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed but didn't know where to turn? It seems that when one thing happens, more pile on top of it? The old saying of, "When it rains, it pours." You know that, in your logical mind, that a bit of help would be appreciated as well as highly needed. Asking… Continue reading How Do You Ask For Help?

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Eyes closed and I count to three, This fear will be the death of me. Fingers - one by one - clenched tight, Mustn't look at the source of fright.   Keep your eyes closed, stop breathing. At least, make it so your muscles are freezing. Say that over and over again, reminder to avoid… Continue reading Nerve

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Why We Fight

Fight, or fighting, can mean different things for different people. It does boil down to some sort of struggle. The question must be asked, "Why we fight?" For myself, I have been struggling with something for a very long time - almost as long as I've been alive. It's not been always that way because… Continue reading Why We Fight