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Eyes closed and I count to three,

This fear will be the death of me.

Fingers – one by one – clenched tight,

Mustn’t look at the source of fright.


Keep your eyes closed, stop breathing.

At least, make it so your muscles are freezing.

Say that over and over again, reminder to avoid

The crippling panic and what it has destroyed.


Year after year, reminding self to keep hiding –

You can’t win, no matter your writhing.

Hearing this for so very long and you start to believe.

Then, one day you wake up and realize the deceit.


Fears are something that you can truly defeat,

Standing in your way – there, only to deceive.

Facing the lies and the things it made you believe,

Do you now see what can be truly achieved?


Every once in awhile, they will start to whisper,

“Come back to me.” Making you shiver.

Stand tall and feel your smile’s curve.

As Fear wonders, “Where did they get the nerve?”


© Susan Reed

Other thoughts…

What better time to face and fight your fears than right now?

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday.

Love and Light Always,


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