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How Do You Ask For Help?

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed but didn’t know where to turn? It seems that when one thing happens, more pile on top of it? The old saying of, “When it rains, it pours.” You know that, in your logical mind, that a bit of help would be appreciated as well as highly needed.

Asking for help can be a real challenge for a lot of people and the fears that come along with that. I’ve felt it before – many times and quite often.

Last week, I wrote about how I finally broke down and got outside help to work through my problems. It wasn’t easy and I still have that urge to cancel that appointment or just tell them that I’m perfectly fine but I don’t need to see Dr. Jeff anymore.

The thing, though, is that it’s not as bad as you think it is to ask for that help. It’s a part of life and having someone to listen to your thoughts can actually help bring some moments of clarity as well as a better way to organize a better plan to help you move away from whatever it is that you’re struggling with.

You’re not alone if you’ve never asked for help but there are some ways to make it better and go smoother.
1.) Reach Out To Those You Trust.

Opening up to people is scary. I get that. But, if you have one person that you are absolutely comfortable telling what is going with someone you can count on to be there for you, it will go much better and it will make you feel safer in divulging what’s troubling your mind. A therapist isn’t a bad thing at all and isn’t a sign of weakness. They are there to offer support from a neutral standpoint.

2.) Stop Worrying.

What I mean here is don’t worry about needing to reach out for help as a sign of failure or being weak. In fact, it takes a lot of strength to recognize that there is a problem and you need someone to lend a hand. Even talking to someone over a cup of coffee can be helpful. You’d be surprised how many people actually want to help.

3.) Give.

Helping, and being helped, starts to generate feelings of warmth and gratitude.

The Take-Away

Don’t let your pride get in the way of the many benefits of asking for help or giving it. It can be hard at first but the end results offer more benefits and opportunities that you never knew were there. Three months ago when I started asking for that help, things have become clearer and progressing in a positive way.

Life is short but it’s also beautiful and we’re all in this ride together. And one of the most important things that is needed in this crazy journey is a hand to hold on to sometimes.

Love and Light Always,


P.S. I hope you all have a fantastic evening and thank you so much for stopping by. How do you ask for help? Does it come easy for your or is it something you struggle with?  Let me know in the comments below.

“Love is but a song to sing. Fear’s the way we die.”

8 thoughts on “How Do You Ask For Help?”

  1. Great post, could relate a lot. How do I ask for help? I take a deep breath and utter the words or type the letters. Easier said than done I know. But with time (aka age) and experience (aka suffering from not asking for help), it does get easier to do. Hope you find it gets easier for you too, but without the suffering of course, age we can’t avoid though. Marianne

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