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Love of a Lifetime

Try as though I may,

I just can’t outrun time –

No matter how hard I pray.

Memories will last me a lifetime.


Running her brush through my hair,

Wiping away the tears ever so gently –

Showing me love with the utmost care.

God, these thoughts appear  intensely.


I still remember your soft, gentle voice

And the touch of your delicate fingers.

The pain left you with very little choice –

The sacrifices you made still lingers.


Wanting, desiring, longing to live –

You endured it all for just one more day,

Seeing your writings – wanting to be alive –

Holding on to hope that you could stay.


Twenty years ago, you left this world

And I still feel you and remember –

Playing like a filmstrip in my mind – unfurled,

That cold day when you left in November.


The question people will ask from time to time,

“It’s been so long. Why do you still continue to cry?”

My mother’s love, I’ll carry throughout my lifetime –

The length of grief, I simply cannot rectify.


The simple and honest truth to all of this –

I’ll forever remember her love and grace.

A sweet, loving woman I will always miss

She isn’t someone I could ever replace.

© Susan Reed

Thinking about my Mama a lot this weekend with it being Mother’s Day and everything. She made a lot of sacrifices when they diagnosed her with Cancer. It was Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

I’ve missed her ever since she’s been gone and that was 20 years ago.

People have asked me, from time to time, why I still cry or grieve over her death. Even had some say that I should be over it by now.

You never get over someone you love. Really. You learn to cope. But, you don’t ‘get over it’. It’s not like a stubbed toe. Everyone grieves in their own time, their own way.

So, Happy Mother’s Day Weekend, Mama, and to all the mothers out there.

Much love to you all and hope y’all have a fantastic weekend.

❤ Susan

The above video was created by YouTube Creator: GlitterMoonBunny 

Song: Save a Place for Me. Artist: Matthew West

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