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From time to time in my life,

I’ve taken many a deep breath –

Recall words that cut like a knife

Remembering a loved one’s  death.


Trying, striving, wanting to know

If this is the way events should come –

Or a simple phase that I’ll outgrow –

Worries of what other people think I’ll become?


Some would have you believe the truth

Is as simple as white or black.

Dispensing advice learned since their youth,

Never seeing the flaws gaping through the crack.


Struggling, fighting, wanting to learn

How to lessen this worry deep inside.

Judgments and words surely do burn,

I won’t lie about the times I’ve cried.


And, then, the advice comes once again –

“Stop worrying so much what they think!”

Tell that to my heart and not my brain

How can I ever break free of that chain’s link?


Choices, advises, thinking so very, very much

“What’s my life’s purpose?” I ask myself

Another’s ears hear my question and nudges,

“I have the answer you need for yourself.”


Opinions, well meaning yet so ear splittingly loud –

I can barely hear my thoughts over your voice.

Struggling, running to break from the crowd –

For God’s sake, it’s my – not your – choice!


The purpose of this life takes so long to answer,

Though many people try to give their thoughts –

This life is yours, written by you, chapter by chapter –

Only you know what advice to take and which to toss.

© Susan Reed

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