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What’s Your Pleasure?

It seems that the older we get, the harder we find it to take those little precious moments out of life and do things that truly bring us an immense amount of joy – pleasure, if you will. While I completely understand and know that we can’t be a child again 24/7, I feel that it’s still important to revisit those times – even for a few hours.

You remember, don’t you? The thrill of opening a new box of crayons. Making something out of modeling clay. A new lego set that you could put together. Even a new video game does have its advantages – opening the mind to work out puzzles and open secret passage ways.

*takes a brief moment to fondly remember the Legend of Zelda and Chrono Trigger*

With work, bills, and responsibilities, it can be overwhelming. Like, brain splitting painful sometimes.

I try to revisit those interests, those moments of joy where I can still be a kid for a minute or two. Sometimes longer.

It helps me keep that healthy balance. Some of the things I still enjoy doing is breaking out my paints and drawing. Other times, I like to have a good water gun fight with my best friend.


He and I met at Wal-Mart as coworkers and just totally clicked. That summer was so hot way back in 2006 and we were working on the grocery crew. The managers were absolutely fantastic back in the day and, on break, we decided to buy some water guns and fill them up. We wound up having one heck of a water gun fight in the store, ambushing each other while we were stocking.

We got our work done. Aisles were stocked and zoned by the end of the shift but we were soaking wet. Mostly because we had eaten our lunch outside in the Garden Center and water hose was there….and…

Yeah. You see where this is going, right?

Total insanity involving the Third Shift Grocery Crew at Wal-Mart.

It’s that balance, though, that’s so important. Knowing when to come back to the land of responsibility.

Guess what I’m trying to say, I do like to have a good amount of fun in all sorts of ways.

I love to paint and draw. Here’s some of the things I’ve created:

And I love to hang out with my friends for a good bit of childishness, too. And like the Doctor says:

Whatever you find enjoyment in, I wouldn’t give it up and I know you can’t do it all the time. Taking a moment to visit, though, is completely worth it.

What do you do for fun? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for visiting my site and wishing you all a fantastic weekend.

Thank you

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