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Through The Darkness

Overjoyed one day, I can’t stop smiling –

The next, I can barely stop myself from crying.

What path can I take so it can be reconciling?

My mind can be great and then – terrifying.


The battle that’s been waged for so long now,

Only can hold the hope that it’ll one day end.

Taking each day as it comes, keeping my vow –

Fears and doubts, even I don’t fully comprehend.


The promise I made not too long ago,

Not to let the darkness overcome –

Or seep into my soul until it overflows.

Wanting, hoping to feel anything but numb.


It’s so complicated to understand or realize

That this isn’t something to just get over.

Surely, one day there will be a sweet compromise

And these thoughts will have their closure.


Until that day does come, I will hold hope

That I will make it through and continue to fight.

Adjusting, finding ways that I can cope,

Breaking through the darkness and into the light.

© Susan Reed

Thank you

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