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My Looking Glass

My Looking Glass

Though my eyes need glasses to help me see,

To take in all of the beauty of the world –

They also allow me to see the horrors and pain,

The price of hate and violence unfurled.


We are so much better than agony and killing.

We are human beings, our lives already fleeting –

The lack of empathy is completely chilling,

Another life, at death’s door they’re greeting.


Two sides to every story, that can be understood –

But why, after all we’ve been through, does this still exist?

Instead of all this evil – really, why can’t we be good?

Don’t we have that capacity to coexist?


We can send a man to the moon and invent all these things,

Bringing us together in ways we never thought possible –

Think of all the inventions and the potential good they bring.

I still would like to believe that peace is plausible.


Through my glasses, I can see so much –

Reflecting back into my heart and mind.

To that hope, I desperately continue to clutch

That We can find a way to save humankind.

© Susan Reed

Thoughts and reflections in response to today’s prompt: Glass

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