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Yes, I took my time moving on,

Telling everyone I was taking it slow –

Countless boxes piled high,

Scared of what I’d find inside.


Memories buried in the dark –

Hoping they stay where they’re parked,

God, don’t let them rush into my mind –

I want to leave all that far behind.


I’m terrified of what I’ll find inside,

Countless memories piled up high –

You see, I have to take it slow…

Or the memories will start to flow.


My tears flow faster than the waterfall,

You remember? I’m sure you can recall…

We saw it just before the sunset

A time I will never – can never – regret.


Memories buried in the dark,

I need them to stay where they’re parked.

Please, don’t let them rush into my mind –

Make them stop and stay far behind.


Lord, how I took time to make it through,

I recall how soon you’d found someone new.

Once, twice, three times you lied,

“There is no one else,” you replied.


The boxes are slowly being unpacked,

Rediscovering these ancient artifacts.

Here they are, for my eyes to see –

Tokens of your “undying” love for me…


Grasping old words of passion in my hand,

I can now move on faster than I’d planned…

Listening to the crisp crackle of the fire’s blaze

And watching as smoke rises in a heated haze.


© Susan Moore





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