Without A Trace

Could I have a moment of your time? It won’t take long, I promise, The question is fresh on my mind And I’d love it if you would be honest.   The space between the mind and heart Doesn’t seem to be that much space – But love can cause all wisdom to depart As … More Without A Trace

Abundant Advice

Gazing at the clock and into the mirror, It’s difficult not to notice, I’m not the same. My life’s experiences upon my face shown clearer, Choices made – good or bad – I accept the blame.   Pain, laughter, tears, and smiles infused on my face – Every line tells a hidden story that is … More Abundant Advice

Good Enough

On the other side of my door – Where anything can happen – Never knowing what’s in store, Finding safety inside has become habit.   Heartbeat racing as I prepare for the day, Hoping I can face the people I meet And ready myself for what they say – Their words could be bitter or … More Good Enough

Why Am I Here?

Looking in the silvery mirror As if I were asking a seer – Squinting to look clearer Whispering, “Why am I here?”   Keeping my gaze locked on myself, Haunted memories flood my mind… Heartbeat quickens, overwhelmed. Clenching my jaw, teeth grind.   Far too many reasons to quit, Countless struggles to remember – Lies … More Why Am I Here?

Set Adrift

During this time last year, I wrote on different stages of my thought process as I sought out help for my anxiety and depression. For those of you who have followed me over the years, you may recall how I bit the bullet and kept those appointments with my therapist. If you’re new, here are … More Set Adrift


Escaping deep inside my mind, Unsure of what will be uncovered – What secrets I might find Or if who I was can be recovered?   The tears that have run deep Is not simply because of you – There’s a bigger reason why I weep, I forgot who I was – the person I … More Vapor