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Escaping deep inside my mind,

Unsure of what will be uncovered –

What secrets I might find

Or if who I was can be recovered?


The tears that have run deep

Is not simply because of you –

There’s a bigger reason why I weep,

I forgot who I was – the person I knew.


Tapping into my memories, remembering –

The dust disappearing and unmoored.

Pictures in my mind leave me trembling,

The lies I believed and endured.


None of that matters any longer,

As I make solemn vows to myself.

Hands steady and soul much stronger,

Taking who I once was off the shelf.


Passion for art and writing lies within,

Too long, my heart’s desire stayed buried –

Not sure how long it’s really been

But now I toss away the burdens I carried.


Turning my pain into paintings,

My tears into ink dripped on paper –

Hands shaking, creating new writings,

Heartbreak thinning to a small vapor.


© Susan Moore


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