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Good Enough

On the other side of my door –

Where anything can happen –

Never knowing what’s in store,

Finding safety inside has become habit.


Heartbeat racing as I prepare for the day,

Hoping I can face the people I meet

And ready myself for what they say –

Their words could be bitter or sweet.


Swallowing hard, running a brush through my hair –

I give myself a practice smile, looking above

And say to myself a silent little prayer,

“I hope I’ve made myself look good enough.”


A small pep in my step and keeping my chin up,

People greeting me warmly with a wave.

Feeling my confidence starting to buildup,

I loosen my hands as I become more brave.


Tilting my head and squinting my eyes,

Hearing snickers and seeing pointing fingers…

They’ve seen passed my guise.

Though I quickly retreat, their words lingers.


“She’s so ugly with such a pig’s nose

And her hair is thinning on top.”

Unable to help it, my body froze;

Mechanically, forcing the tears to stop.


Somehow, I found myself back to safety,

And locked the door to sit in my room.

Wishing a reprieve from ridicule was hasty –

Maybe tomorrow won’t be filled with doom.


With a deep sigh, I look at a photo of my Mom

And then take a look in the mirror.

Memory of her and her smile keeps me calm –

Bitter words of before, she would beg to differ.


© Susan Moore

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