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Hidden Strength

I meant to write this ten days ago

As a way to mark a year passed

Since the day you said I had to go –

How this year has gone so fast.


That day came and went –

And so did more days

Without the memory’s torment

Part of me is amazed…


Truth be told, I didn’t know how I’d survive –

Without you – after being together so long.

Then, I had no time for plans to contrive

Or a way to keep myself strong.


It’s been more than a year and I must confess,

The times you cross my mind are less…

Still there – yes- but not something I obsess

Nor is the history of us something I repress.


All those days have passed and here I am –

I thought I couldn’t get over the heartbreak

And how our love was nothing more than a sham …

Telling myself I’d never get over the ache.


Hidden deep inside, I’ve found that’s not true

And I am stronger than I ever thought possible.

Here and now, I’ve been able to come through

Breaking through obstacle after obstacle.


My heart’s been broken but it still beats

And the fire in my soul is still bright

Taking a breath and making peace  –

Knowing, in the end, I’ll be alright.



© Susan Moore

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