Welcome! I’m Susan Reed.

My goal is to bring you beautiful works of art in the forms of poetry, paintings, and photography. My ULTIMATE goal is to help inspire you to create your own wonderful works of art in the medium of your choice.


I was born in Memphis, TN and raised in Covington, TN. Throughout my life, I have found that, unfortunately, in life there’s pain. Art is truly a wonderful way I express that. I started writing more after my mother passed away (I really hate cancer) when I was 14. Over a decade later, I finally completed my very first poetry book dedicated to her. Time: A Harsh Mistress is very much a labor of love and one that I hope she would have been proud of.



What You’ll Find In My Blog:

You’ll find works of my passions and all that creative goodness. You will also find articles to help you in your own writing career or if you want to learn to draw.

Some of my more popular posts:

  1. Hello, Goodbye
  2. Clones for Snowmageddon
  3. How to Write Poetry 
  4. How To Draw Braids

The Art and Photography:

Sometimes when I can’t get what I’m feeling into words and all those emotions are going to explode, I turn to my paints and pencils or camera. I’ve held a life long love a drawing and painting. My father taught me when I was a child and, now, being 33 years old – that passion has never left me.

I’ve been honored to complete portraits for my friends and family of their pets and even of themselves. The Pet Portraits can be found by clicking here: Artistic Paws.

A few years ago, my interest in photography grabbed me when I was vacationing in the Great Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee. Since then, I’ve learned how to capture things of beauty by way of cameras. It is something I still explore and, much like my art, I learned to do more abstract pieces in the way of light photography.

Light Photography

How May I Help You?

If you’re just starting out in writing poetry, I’ve created this Free Booklet for you to get a jump start in your writing. I cover my four main tips to give you a running start. Just click the link below to open the PDF File. 🙂

Four tips to writing your first poem (1)

Before we wrap this up, my blog is open for guests posts and collaborations !!

If that interests you, please contact me by using the Contact Form.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you









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