Yes, I took my time moving on, Telling everyone I was taking it slow – Countless boxes piled high, Scared of what I’d find inside.   Memories buried in the dark – Hoping they stay where they’re parked, God, don’t let them rush into my mind – I want to leave all that far behind. … More Memories

Rest Of Forever

The sound of the clock in that quiet room, How it resonated against those lonely walls. Oh, How the ending that I felt coming did loom – No matter how loud my heartbeat would call…   Wanting, wishing, hoping for us to last forever – Some way to keep promises that we both made. The bonds … More Rest Of Forever

My Looking Glass

Though my eyes need glasses to help me see, To take in all of the beauty of the world – They also allow me to see the horrors and pain, The price of hate and violence unfurled.   We are so much better than agony and killing. We are human beings, our lives already fleeting … More My Looking Glass

Look up!

Finding inspiration in everyday things to take home with me, painting what I see on canvas is one of my favorite things to do. And to find that inspiration, it’s very important to keep looking up. 🙂 Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and thank you so much for visiting my blog. ❤ Photography … More Look up!

Burning Passion

Passion burns – fire resides Deep, deep inside, This is what I need My heart concedes. Dreams ridiculed and scorned, Before they’re fully formed. Keep the smile on my lips – Words they say from stolen scripts. The truth, the crux of the matter – My desires you cannot shatter. I’ll keep my dreams close … More Burning Passion

Cat In A Box

  Taking a minute Happily curled up alone… Here in my sweet place. © Susan Reed Haiku and Photography by Susan Reed in Response to this week’s Photography Challenge: Opposities.