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Doctor Who Gif Challenge (New One)

We're less than two weeks away from the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. I am so excited and can't believe that it's finally growing closer. I've also got a bunch of new gifs that I've added to my collection, therefore, I present you with this (incredibly odd) one. The results make little to no… Continue reading Doctor Who Gif Challenge (New One)

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Doctor Who Companion Gif Challenge =)

I'm running out of challenges... 😦     The Doctor and the companion     1) Open gif folder.   2) Use every 8th gif 3) Absolutely no skipping   You hear the TARDIS materializing:   Whoo hoo You Meet the Doctor:   mmmm rawr He asks you to come along:   hmm.... The first… Continue reading Doctor Who Companion Gif Challenge =)

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Doctor Who: My Doctor

At times, my best friend tells me, "You totally need to check out this show." So, last year when he brought up Doctor Who, I was like, sure I can check it out. We sat in his apartment and watched the first episode with Christopher Eccleston. I didn't really understand the show at first but… Continue reading Doctor Who: My Doctor