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Gif Challenge: Party Animal

So, I found this challenge over on tumblr and since I've collected a lot of gifs, I thought 'why not?'. So here we go...and of course, some of these don't make a bit of sense but was still fun to do. Feel free to do this challenge if you feel so inclined and enjoy.  … Continue reading Gif Challenge: Party Animal

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Gif Challenge: Last One for today(promise)

I will work on another post today that's more substantial than gif challenges. They are too much fun to pass up and three seems an adequate number. Also, a big shout out to Brandye Dague as she is the 500th person to like my posts. Thank you so very much and if there's anything you… Continue reading Gif Challenge: Last One for today(promise)

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Another Fun Gif Challenge…

Just another fun one. 🙂 Gif Challenge Again First gif represents who you are:     Ninth is how you feel today:     Seventh is your taste in music:     Fourth is your relationship with your friends:     Seventeenth represents your love life:     Third is something about you not many… Continue reading Another Fun Gif Challenge…

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School Day: Gif Challenge

Gif Challenge wooo!   Gif Game *Every 4th gif in your folder 1. Your alarm clock goes off, you reach your hand to make the awful noise stop. What does your alarm clock look like?     2.Ugh, alarm clocks. You wake up, and you look like….     3. Breakfast is said to be… Continue reading School Day: Gif Challenge

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Avenger’s Gif Challenge

 So, I woke up and can't go back to sleep. It's been awhile since I've done a gif challenge and I love the Avengers and Loki. Here's what I came up with. Enjoy and hope you all enjoy your weekend!Oh, and a new poem I just wrote is up from yesterday. Much love to you all! ~Susan Avenger's… Continue reading Avenger’s Gif Challenge

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Long Absence = Long Gif Challenge Post!

Gif Challenge. Every 9nth gif. This is you. This is your best friend. This is your mom. This is your dad. This is your enemy. This is your crush. How your friends see you. How your parents/family see you. How your crush sees you.   lol How strangers see you. Your hobb(y)ies. Your pet peeve.… Continue reading Long Absence = Long Gif Challenge Post!

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The Outsiders Gif Challenge

THE OUTSIDERS GIF CHALLENGE Your 3rd gif is how you react when you move to Tulsa: Your 12th gif is you and your new friend going to the Nightly Double: Your 23rd gif is how you react when Dallas Winston starts dirty talking you at the movie: Your 7th gif is what you do when… Continue reading The Outsiders Gif Challenge

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Party Gif Challenge

PARTY GIF CHALLENGE You’re at a party, the fourth gif is the person who started the party: The eighth gif is how they invite you to the party: The seventh gif with words is what they say to you when you first get to the party: The seventy-sixth gif is your reaction once you get… Continue reading Party Gif Challenge

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The Big Bang Theory Gif Challenge

It's raining today and I've started to form a very strong liking for The Big Bang Theory. Therefore, I've combined the two things I like (the show and a gif challenge) and being that it is Sunday: I owe you all a new one. Hope everyone is having a good day and I think I… Continue reading The Big Bang Theory Gif Challenge

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Model of Efficiency & Gif Challenge

Hope everyone is doing good. I'm so sorry it's been awhile since I've posted anything. I've been keeping busy and have a ton of ideas for writing, drawing, and that of the like but I'm truly attempting to actually stay caught up in my college work and doing an internship. The place in which I… Continue reading Model of Efficiency & Gif Challenge