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Inspired Drawing

I needed a little me time today and decided to draw. I've been reading this incredibly amazing story over on that is breathtaking. The chapters are short but they get to the point. The author really draws you into the world of what ifs and has a completely different outlook on how the Marauders… Continue reading Inspired Drawing

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Gif Challenge (Yes, Another one!)

So, I didn't skip on any of these and....yeah...more gifs added to my folder mean a new gif challenge to see how it plays out. w00t!   Love you guys and hope you had a fantastical weekend!   xoxoxoxox   Susan     Use every 7 gifs. No skipping. If you run out, go back… Continue reading Gif Challenge (Yes, Another one!)

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New Harry Potter Gif Challenge.

Got a lot of new Gifs now so ...redid the Harry Potter one to see how much different it was. I must seek out more challenges hehe 😀       the 1st gif in your folder is you getting your acceptance letter   the 32nd is you upon entering diagon alley   the 13th… Continue reading New Harry Potter Gif Challenge.

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Another Harry Potter Gif

Found some new gifs and decided to do one more for today before I do something more productive. A few of these made me giggle 🙂 Enjoy ! xoxoxo Susan     1st gif in your folder is you getting your acceptance letter The 12th is you when you enter Diagon Alley.   . Don't… Continue reading Another Harry Potter Gif

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Harry Potter Gif Challenge

Found a Harry Potter Gif Challenge. I had to do it. 😀     The 7th GIF in your folder is you receiving your Hogwarts letter:   bada$$ The 12th is your parents’ faces when you tell them you’re a wizard:   They're proud =D The 2nd is your reaction to Platform 9 3/4: The 20th is you… Continue reading Harry Potter Gif Challenge