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“Orange is the New Black” returns June 2014

  The summer of 2013, a friend informed me that a new series on Netflix was about to stream and I had to check it out. Being that I had nothing else to watch, having seen every episode of Doctor Who(for the third time), The Walking Dead, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer (for the tenth… Continue reading “Orange is the New Black” returns June 2014

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Doctor Who Gif Challenge (New One)

We're less than two weeks away from the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. I am so excited and can't believe that it's finally growing closer. I've also got a bunch of new gifs that I've added to my collection, therefore, I present you with this (incredibly odd) one. The results make little to no… Continue reading Doctor Who Gif Challenge (New One)

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Gif Challenge (Yes, Another one!)

So, I didn't skip on any of these and....yeah...more gifs added to my folder mean a new gif challenge to see how it plays out. w00t!   Love you guys and hope you had a fantastical weekend!   xoxoxoxox   Susan     Use every 7 gifs. No skipping. If you run out, go back… Continue reading Gif Challenge (Yes, Another one!)

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Walking Dead Gif Challenge

So, it's Friday night and I'm doing random gif challenges again. Whoo-hoo. Can't wait for the Walking Dead to come back on.   Going to use every 4th Gif for this one. Hope you enjoy.   Walking Dead Gif Challenge.     When you wake up in hospital and fall out of bed:    … Continue reading Walking Dead Gif Challenge

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Good morning and Once Upon a Time Gif challenge!

Good morning everyone 🙂 I think I'm becoming a bit addicted to gifs. I saved some more to my Gif folder and ran across another challenge of a show that I like which is "Once Upon a Time". I don't want to spoil the latest episode so I will only say: I felt so bad… Continue reading Good morning and Once Upon a Time Gif challenge!