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Dream Weaver

  Dream Weaver   Too many dire thoughts There they are, can't you see? Floating before my eyes Oh, how I drown in this sea....   My legs pushing fast Reaching out once more I will not go down so easy Clenching teeth, I swore.   Why won't the noises stop? I pray for a… Continue reading Dream Weaver

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Questioning my Faith

    Just a poem I wrote just now questioning my many questions. Maybe some will have an answer before I have to leave this earth....   Questioning My Faith   Such a change inside my soul Unsure how it got there Maybe because I've grown old Or the judgmental stare....   It's not… Continue reading Questioning my Faith

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    Noises   Such a loud sound Unsure of its origins Just in the next room Louder, louder   Ignore the sound Don't pay attention Turn the volume louder Try to drowned it out   Nagging, Nagging Ask the only person Who sits quietly aside What is that noise?   Eyes the color of… Continue reading Noises

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Election 2012: Why am I worried?

  Last night, I did not abandon my procrastination ways and waited to leave the house exactly a quarter till the Voting Polls closed. I am not ashamed, I voted for Barack Obama because I feel that he is the best choice. I am highly aware that not everyone will agree with my viewpoint on… Continue reading Election 2012: Why am I worried?