Time: A Harsh Mistress

Poetry has been my main outlet throughout my life. I’ve written about everything from mourning, depression, and hope. I am proud to announce that my debut book with my poetry collection became available for sale February, 19, 2014 on Amazon.

I chose that particular date in honor of my mother. It was her birthday and she would have been 56 this year.

 For the Paperback Copy, click the Picture Below:

BookCoverPreview (1)


For the Kindle Edition Click this picture below



Thank you to everyone that has followed my blog and website over the last few years. It’s been a bumpy ride but what an exciting one.

The book is called “Time: A Harsh Mistress” and here is the video promotion for it.

In Time: The Harsh Mistress, Susan Reed recounts the memories of childhood, loss, and struggles that have come to define her life’s work. Conveying to us the trials of mourning, loss, and bullying, she shows us that even through the rough points in life that there is always a reason to smile and to show kindness. Whether contemplating how we all change or reflecting on life’s mysteries, Reed opens her heart and vows to never let it grow cold.


Journey Through This World: Poems and Short Stories

A book of short stories and poetry. 

Exploring different themes, settings, and characters, Susan Reed tells two tales with a modern twist on fables and 13 new pieces of poetry observing everyday life. 



Available now on Kindle at Amazon 

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