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Back to the Future’s Self-Tying “Power Laces” for 2015

Image from Back to the Future Part II   In the summer of 1985, a film was released that was described as a "rousing time-travel adventure" by Rotten Tomatoes. In the beginning, the director, Robert Zemeckis, of Back to the Future had a moment where he thought the movie would be a flop because Michael… Continue reading Back to the Future’s Self-Tying “Power Laces” for 2015

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The Mushroom Queen

A new poem straight to you from my mind. I had a dream the other night about my childhood..so here it is in poetry form.     Mushroom Queen Dream Nintendo and Mario Sega with Sonic Pixilated coins And a Mushroom Queen Childhood memories Play behind my eyes Two decades ago No worry of time… Continue reading The Mushroom Queen