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Shakespeare’s Hamlet Reading

One of the pleasures that I enjoy is reading Shakespeare. Hamlet is a wonderful play about revenge, betrayal, and depression. For all of the flaws of the main character, the thing I love most is how human he is ¬†portrayed because we all feel those things at some point of our lives. Some can hide… Continue reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet Reading

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Dreams   Time can steal Make no mistake! Loss and pain Left in its wake..   Ignoring the chime, This is mine alone. Memories of a time Not too long ago.   Escaping for awhile Into the deep woods Freedom in my dreams Away from worldly goods. ¬© S. Reed    

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Dream Weaver

  Dream Weaver   Too many dire thoughts There they are, can't you see? Floating before my eyes Oh, how I drown in this sea....   My legs pushing fast Reaching out once more I will not go down so easy Clenching teeth, I swore.   Why won't the noises stop? I pray for a… Continue reading Dream Weaver

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Old Enemy

My Old Enemy Bruised and torn flesh The wounds heal slow Of how your hand made me thrash As I took blow after blow. The memories of years past Somehow enter my mind My voice shook as I asked How much longer will I be confined. My chest wore the bruises My thoughts filled with… Continue reading Old Enemy

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The Mushroom Queen

A new poem straight to you from my mind. I had a dream the other night about my here it is in poetry form.     Mushroom Queen Dream Nintendo and Mario Sega with Sonic Pixilated coins And a Mushroom Queen Childhood memories Play behind my eyes Two decades ago No worry of time… Continue reading The Mushroom Queen

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Visalus, Goals, and Hopes

Last night I decided to do a little something different. Its midweek and I have two college courses this quarter. One of them is online and the other is on the actual campus. Writing and Accounting II are the classes that I'm going to be studying a lot this term. One involves lots of numbers… Continue reading Visalus, Goals, and Hopes

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Doctor Who: My Doctor

At times, my best friend tells me, "You totally need to check out this show." So, last year when he brought up Doctor Who, I was like, sure I can check it out. We sat in his apartment and watched the first episode with Christopher Eccleston. I didn't really understand the show at first but… Continue reading Doctor Who: My Doctor

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The Truth

Nearly sixteen years ago, I woke up one morning and my life was truly and completely changed forever. My mother had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Basically, that type of cancer attacks your lymph nodes, spleen, immune system and doesn't let up. She had had it awhile but somehow, I always thought that she'd be okay. She had… Continue reading The Truth