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Party Gif Challenge

PARTY GIF CHALLENGE You’re at a party, the fourth gif is the person who started the party: The eighth gif is how they invite you to the party: The seventh gif with words is what they say to you when you first get to the party: The seventy-sixth gif is your reaction once you get… Continue reading Party Gif Challenge

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The Big Bang Theory Gif Challenge

It's raining today and I've started to form a very strong liking for The Big Bang Theory. Therefore, I've combined the two things I like (the show and a gif challenge) and being that it is Sunday: I owe you all a new one. Hope everyone is having a good day and I think I… Continue reading The Big Bang Theory Gif Challenge

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Doctor Who Companion Gif Challenge =)

I'm running out of challenges... 😦     The Doctor and the companion     1) Open gif folder.   2) Use every 8th gif 3) Absolutely no skipping   You hear the TARDIS materializing:   Whoo hoo You Meet the Doctor:   mmmm rawr He asks you to come along:   hmm.... The first… Continue reading Doctor Who Companion Gif Challenge =)

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Hunger Games Gif Challenge

Had a long day today and just wanted to do a simple, fun blog with the Hunger Games Gif Challenge. It helps relax me. I very well may be going to sleep in 3....2......*snores* Night! xoxox     Hunger Games Gif Challenge 1. Open your gifs folder 2. Use every fourth gif 3. NO SKIPPING… Continue reading Hunger Games Gif Challenge

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Gif Challenge (Yes, Another one!)

So, I didn't skip on any of these and....yeah...more gifs added to my folder mean a new gif challenge to see how it plays out. w00t!   Love you guys and hope you had a fantastical weekend!   xoxoxoxox   Susan     Use every 7 gifs. No skipping. If you run out, go back… Continue reading Gif Challenge (Yes, Another one!)

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer GIF Challenge

Buffy the Vampire Slayer GIF Challenge use every 3rd gif You just found out you’re the new Slayer: Meeting your new Watcher for the first time: You during your training: Your reaction to killing your first vampire: Your loyal best friend(s) who fights by your side: Your mysterious lover: What you do when you’re out… Continue reading Buffy the Vampire Slayer GIF Challenge

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Random Gif Challenge: Re-visited

Just another pointless, random Gif Challenge I stumbled upon after finding more gifs to my collection. What's my fascination with these things? I haven't the slightest idea but was fun to do whilst drinking some Earl Grey tea and contemplating what to either draw or write about next. Last two posts were of my art… Continue reading Random Gif Challenge: Re-visited

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Bored Gif Challenge

Just another idle Sunday....talking to dad on the phone (which takes about 3 hours) so....being that I have the attention span of a chipmunk that overdosed on caffeine, I had to do something .....Which brings you another Gif Challenge. 🙂 Enjoy!   The Gif Challenge of Boredom Every 10th gif. You Are: Your Mom’s Reaction… Continue reading Bored Gif Challenge

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New Harry Potter Gif Challenge.

Got a lot of new Gifs now so ...redid the Harry Potter one to see how much different it was. I must seek out more challenges hehe 😀       the 1st gif in your folder is you getting your acceptance letter   the 32nd is you upon entering diagon alley   the 13th… Continue reading New Harry Potter Gif Challenge.

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Walking Dead Gif Challenge

So, it's Friday night and I'm doing random gif challenges again. Whoo-hoo. Can't wait for the Walking Dead to come back on.   Going to use every 4th Gif for this one. Hope you enjoy.   Walking Dead Gif Challenge.     When you wake up in hospital and fall out of bed:    … Continue reading Walking Dead Gif Challenge