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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDFmRETqKTs   Duckie   Watching the boy across the gym, Dancing - making my way to him. His dirty shoes and pompadour hair. We'd make quite the dancing pair. What a prom it would be with him.   © Susan Reed   I never get bored of "Pretty in Pink" and would totally love to… Continue reading Duckie

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My addiction to these is only growing....oy vey...   GIF CHALLENGE: LIFE AS A MOVIE Opening Credits (8th Gif): Waking Up (41st Gif): The Everyday HumDrum (6th Gif): Falling In Love (18th Gif): You in a Fight (54th Gif): You in a Break Up (10th Gif): Your Drunken State (61st Gif): Failing to Win Him… Continue reading GIF CHALLENGE: LIFE AS A MOVIE