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The Perfect Game

Nestled into my comfy little chair, Graphics loading on my computer - Brother waits for me to join his team. Our rivals don't have a prayer.   Teams of two, here we are Arrogant player asks if I'm a girl. I reply, "Why, yes I am." "Lol" he says before we spar.   Sly little… Continue reading The Perfect Game

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Half and Half

No matter what, these little darlings can always put a smile on my face. Whether they're halfway out of a box or curled under the sheets, they never fail to make me happy. 🙂 ❤ ~Susan In response to this week's Photo Challenge: Half and Half

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Anywhere Too young and too naive, You'll never make it there. Failure awaits if you leave, You have not one prayer.   Long, winding sea of road Leads the way to a new life. Jaw clenched, negative mode Leaving this world of strife.   Swear they know me so well, Failing to realize their words… Continue reading Anywhere

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Father Time

        Father Time   "Lean in closer. No. Closer than that. I have a gift to offer. Spare a moment to chat?"   "It depends on what you hold. Is it free? Is there a price? Without doubt, there is a toll. You'll have to be more concise."   "I have a… Continue reading Father Time

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The Wordsmith

  The Wordsmith   Twenty six letters Such a finite number. If you are willing and clever, Enter a world of wonder. Through eyes, they enter the mind, Rearranging the letters constantly. Forming words, making you escape To a world of such diversity. Not all is horrible, I pledge you this. They can be endearing,… Continue reading The Wordsmith

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  Revenge! By. Susan Reed       I hear her crying. Oh, how she whimpers! I peak from behind my spot, knowing she has neither the desire nor the nerve to look. Banging against the wall, I make my sounds louder than required. Frantic laughter causing an inhuman sound from my mortal body. Tilting… Continue reading Revenge!

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Dreams   Time can steal Make no mistake! Loss and pain Left in its wake..   Ignoring the chime, This is mine alone. Memories of a time Not too long ago.   Escaping for awhile Into the deep woods Freedom in my dreams Away from worldly goods. © S. Reed    

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Autumn Thief

  Autumn Thief    Countless leaves under my feet Mere months ago up so high Boots maintain a steady beat. Another. Another. Falls from the sky.   The narrow path - red and golden Time, once again, claims its victims Days shorter, and now, much colder Crunch. Crunch. All to be done is listen.  … Continue reading Autumn Thief

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Saint of Caring

    Saint of Caring   Three hundred years from now, Will I be remembered? If I shall, exactly how? Hopefully, for the better.   Old files and writings tucked away Telling the future my hopes and dreams Child poverty and hunger to end - I pray Or clean water from the earth's streams.  … Continue reading Saint of Caring

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    Storm finally ends, Colors of hope paint the sky. Awaken from sleep.  © S. Reed The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?