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How My Writing Services Can Help Your Blog

Starting a blog can be fun and exciting! With all the different options of how to create a decent looking website or blog, you take pride in your piece of real estate on the internet. Your blog or website must not only look fantastic, but you need great content! You have a passion, right? Some… Continue reading How My Writing Services Can Help Your Blog

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Ordinary Man

An ordinary man With an ordinary grin Tall and gangly Confident spark in his eyes   The soul that lurks inside Is kind and gentle His smile embodies this People look on him with contempt   The ordinary man With the ordinary grin Is looked on by some Judging him unattractive   Observing this man… Continue reading Ordinary Man

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Four-Legged Family

  My Four Legged Family Day full of friction, Ends with my babies curled close. Wrapped around their paws. ¬© S. Reed   This Haiku was written in response to today's Daily Prompt: Menagerie¬†   No matter how terrible the day has been, these little ones make it all better. They're definitely a big part… Continue reading Four-Legged Family