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The Ritual

  Taking a deep breath and a brief pause to rub the bridge of his nose, Damon closed his eyes after staring at the blinking cursor for a full 30 minutes. The bloody thing was merely there to taunt him. Nothing more. The caffeine from the coffee was supposed to give him a boost of… Continue reading The Ritual

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Talking with my hands

  Finally finished with a job interview today, I noticed something about myself that is kind of strange. I am under the assumption that if I had no arms or hands, I simply would not be able to talk at all. When we entered the room, the lady did an overview of what the group… Continue reading Talking with my hands

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Thanks for the memories

To everyone I've worked thirds with over the years. I took Bob Hope's "Thanks for the memories" and kind of wrote my own little memories in there of the people I've worked with. Thanks for the memory Of working all night, and that crazy watergun fight Huge amounts of freight to stock, and barely able… Continue reading Thanks for the memories

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Life and Choices: Its Just a Ride

A lot has happened in the last 7 years. I met the man that I was going to marry. Somehow, I knew I'd marry him when I met him. I made that decision to move in with him in September of 2005 thus ending my 6 years at Kroger. When I first moved here, I… Continue reading Life and Choices: Its Just a Ride