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Buh-Bye, T-Mobile


“Just got off the phone with TMobile and I absolutely love the way she basically told me that “we’re not going to talk about that” in regards to my issue(which is why I didn’t get the customer loyalty after having it for a very long time, being I’ve been with them since 2007). I was just calm and collected, listening to her and when she was finished I asked her another question. I also liked the way she responded to this last question “So, my contract ends Oct 13 and I will have no Early Termination Fee when I call to cancel?” And how she answered with such ease and didn’t ask why I would be calling back to cancel then. Such lovely service.
*this is sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm* 
I have a month and ten days until I’m “jumping over this puddle”. This is just stating the facts and I’m not complaining. I see this as a bright side in regards to seeing how much they value the fact that I never miss a payment, never have even been late, and at one point, was actually referring my friends/family to use their service. Great job there, T-Mobile. If she had asked why, it wouldn’t be just b/c of this by the way (God this is turning into a book) but since earlier this year, when I was told there was nothing they could do in the way of helping me lower my monthly bill at all. I just think it’s really horrible because I never have thought of canceling until this year. Oh, well. C’est la vie.”

First of all, I would like to say that I don’t like to complain. I really don’t. I am the person that if I order ketchup on my burger and it’s not there, I’ll put it on myself. I do have my limitations though. And now, with that said, I will outline and tell you exactly why I am leaving T-Mobile.

I started my service with the company, T-Mobile, in the summer of 2007 and have been loyal to them ever since. I have actually taken the time to tell my friends and family that I really liked them because the coverage was amazing, rarely dropped calls (if ever), and the customer service department was fantastic. Fast forward to early 2013, I can no longer say any of that without my conscious nagging me about it because it’s simply not the truth. I know some of you might disagree but I will only state the facts here and my take on this. I have been in the working field of customer service for over a decade and there are some things you don’t do. They’ve broken this rule over the three strikes and you’re out rule.

I called them around January and February of 2013 in order to gain assistance in lowering my monthly bill. I’m not the first, nor the last consumer, that wishes to do this. In all fairness, this is the first time I’ve ever done this. I use about 400 of my shared 700 minute plan anyway, rarely even touch my text message quota, and I might have used 1 MB of my data usage. I thought that some help would be available. However, the customer service agent told me basically that there was nothing he can do for me at this time but to call back in a few months to change a plan which would lengthen my already two year contract. That is what he said. I asked him multiple times when my contract ends and it was like pulling teeth out of a lion to get him to answer me. He finally did tell me in October but still refused to really help me, talked downright rude to me, and that left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I circled the date of my contract ended and started my patient waiting.

The second portion goes with the photo that you see posted and the comment I left on their Facebook page. I am actually expecting my comment to be deleted, therefore, I have saved it to my computer. I have been getting the customer loyalty discount for well over a year now. She didn’t want to talk about that, she wanted to talk about something I wasn’t even asking about. I kind of tuned her out so I could control my emotions. I don’t like getting aggravated but I was definitely on the road there. She finally went back to address my original question and told me she had no idea why I wasn’t getting it, didn’t know what it meant, so there surely had to be an issue with it updating in the system. She told me she would note it in my account. Again, I asked her when my contract ended. Now, I have said that I know that date as I mentioned before. I wasn’t asking that question for MY benefit. I was asking that for her benefit and the T-Mobile company. I was wanting to give her a chance to try to do something for me, some reason why I should stay. I just wanted to give her another way to redeem herself because, honestly, I probably would have forgiven and forgot if she had but she didn’t. I was giving her an “out”. She said cheerfully the date, told me I would have no fees, and if there was anything she could assist me with before she ended the call. Bloody brilliant, don’t ya think?

Now, here I am. How do I feel? I feel with my fingers mostly but that’s neither here nor there. I feel that, in relation to these interactions with T-Mobile, they don’t care if I stay or if I go. Whether or not that I get any help whatsoever in regards to answering the QUESTIONS that I am asking. I feel disappointed because, up until this year, I had received exceptional customer service but now, when I speak with them, I am met with nothing. They don’t seem to want to help me at all, they don’t want to answer the actual concerns I have, and when I am giving them HUGE bloody hints that I am considering leaving them, they don’t even try to turn it around. Can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink sort of situation, wouldn’t you say?

I did a bit of searching for articles and I found this to be interesting:


Obviously, I am not the only one to feel a bit let down by T-Mobile. They have the lowest ranking of the 2013 Wireless Customer Care ratings. Even Sprint ranks higher than them.

  1. So, take away my customer loyalty discount if that’s what you want, T-Mobile.
  2. Don’t try to assist me in figuring out a plan that fits my budgets as well as I need—Again, I’m not even touching the allowance, something could have been done without lengthening my contract, I’m sure.
  3. Tell me that you don’t wish to speak about what I’m calling about but when you “go back to the question”, don’t give me the answer. Just read off a bunch of jargon that I don’t understand.
  4. Sound happy, though, when we’re talking about my contract end date. That really makes me feel like you want to keep me as a customer. Like I said, I never have missed a payment.
  5. Just remember, when I call next month to end my service with you. I gave you multiple hints and chances to do something. I’m just going to turn my head and walk away. Thanks for the five years of service that were great. I do mean that–it’s not sarcasm. For five years, you did fantastic. However, one year of horrible customer service was the imminent downfall and reason as to why I am leaving. Yes, it does make a difference. An extremely big difference.

It’s no longer me considering leaving. It’s now a matter of me waiting until October 13th and be assured, I will be calling to cancel and there’s very little that can be said or done to change my mind. I gave you multiple chances.

T-Mobile, I wish you well and hope that you revamp your customer service training and protocols.


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