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It’s About Progress, Not Perfection


Keep your eyes open and feet moving forward. You’ll Find What you need.


Hello, There! How’s it going?

Today was really strange.

Strange in a way where you just want to throw a blanket over your head, unplug the alarm clock, and not even get out of bed.

The storm this morning, also known as a brief monsoon, came crashing at my windows but I had things to do today.

I had a job interview and needed to do a drug test for the other job offer I got with Dell. So, I got ready but didn’t have enough time to finish my eyes unless I wanted to do it fast and risk looking like a freaked out raccoon.

Still, I put on my best clothes and got my resume handy to head to Bowling Green on less than a half tank of gas. Not an ideal situation but I had to get there on time. Interview with Community Action at 1 – check.

I’m on my way.

Got there with five minutes to spare – at the wrong bloody place!

Community Options not Action.

Imperfection Changes To Good

The lady at the desk at Community Action was quite helpful and so sweet though and helped me figure it out. She didn’t have to do that because it’s not even her place of business. The other lady (the one I was to meet) was so understanding and told me to get there when I could.

I walked in and smiled, offered her my apologies because really, I know how precious time is and I felt terrible that I made an error. But, we told each other a quick quip and got on with the application process.

I thought for sure during the entire drive over to the right place I’d messed up but I had to try. I mean, I might fail and it’s far from perfect but I had to strive to do my best to make it through this situation.

I watched the video and how they help people in the community which is what I wanted to do – both Community Action and Options do that.

I finished my app and the video and she came back in to finish up the interview.

I told her how I wanted to do something that serves other people, help them get through the day, and gave her examples of how I’ve done that for my dad.  Helping with his meds and, then, how long ago when my mom passed away of how I helped with the things around the house. Sometimes, even having to help give her the medicines for cancer.

I just spoke to her like I was talking to a friend.

At the end of it, everything happened in fast forward. Honestly, it finally clicked that she was offering me the job as she asked for my forms of ID and when could I come in next week for training to do CPR and First Aid.

I got the papers for the drug test and was on my way.

Still not having done the drug test for Dell, I called their people and got the test number so I could kill two birds with one stone.

I finished all that up and start working full time with Dell in a few weeks. Next week, I’ll be starting my training for the part time job with Community Options.

And yes, I promise to show up at the right place this time!

The BIG Lesson

The main lesson I got from today’s little adventure was that I’m far from perfect – but I am progressing. Progression is defined as a movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state, especially gradually or in stages.

The day started off weird but it did just that – progressed.

Though I started off in the wrong place, I kept moving forward and it’s landed me something that I will truly enjoy doing. Working in the community and helping those who truly need it.

After all, we’re all humans and helping one another in a positive way is so wonderful.


It turned out to be a pretty good day.

Have you ever had a day start off in a bad way but you turned it good? Share your experiences and wisdom in the comments. 🙂

Hope your day went well and sending you bunches of love!


Thank you









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