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The Hospital


This morning, my husband and I had to be at the hospital very early. He had to get a procedure done and I spent a lot of time waiting in the lobby. I mostly observed people and wrote this poem about what I noticed. I’m quite tired now, though. I just did my exercises for the day. Hope you all enjoy the poem and thanks so much for visiting my blog/site. Have a great weekend!

The Hospital 

White walls and white floors

The sun’s barely risen

New ones go out

Old ones come in


Her soft voice questions

“How much longer will it be?”

Waiting for hours for a room

They’re running tests on me.


New mother with her baby

The child’s sound asleep

Having no sense of time

Mama knows baby’ll grow fast.


The elderly man, papers in hand

White hair and wrinkled face

Behind his eyes, so many memories

I wonder the stories he could tell.


The phones are ringing, coffee’s brewing

Pagers summoning the next patient

Faces looking weary and sick

Worrying of what will happen next.


Flannel shirt and barely can walk

Many places to choose to sit

He sits beside me and asks how I am

He’s wheeled away, I pray he’ll be fine.


Keeping an eye of every person

I look a bit deeper in awe

Every face has a some story

Either just beginning, middle, or ending..


A young lady reading her book

An old man searching for his place

The young baby going home for the first time

I hope that all of them will be fine.



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