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Three Lessons Chess Tactics Taught Me

Three Lessons Chess Tactics Taught Me

Best Chess Tactics


The first time I played chess was with my cousin. He and I played video games by Blizzard – Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft. Those are visual games. Chess is a board game. How could I possibly enjoy it?

At first, I thought it was going to be a boring game and could teach me absolutely nothing. After the first game (and loss), I wanted to play another. Then another.

That was over a decade ago and I’m by no means the best chess player in the world but it has taught me a lot.

1.) Purpose.

When playing chess as a beginner, you don’t really see how one move relates to the other. As you advance and play more, you quickly start to understand that every move has its own purpose and become better in your chess tactics. I equate it, personally, with how when you’re a child. You see things as they come and don’t understand the bigger picture just yet. In life, each decision has a consequence – either good or bad. Of course, life isn’t as premeditated as a game of chess but there times we need to have a strategy as we press forward in our lives.

2.) Predictability.

I enjoy games of all kinds and I take this move with great satisfaction. You do one thing while your opponent is expecting something entirely different. The less predictable you are, the more interesting you become. Pretending to do one thing while doing something else in essence. That’s not saying you have to be devious to win the game but it does help you become a better player. Underestimating someone else is a flaw. Never do that.

I was playing an computer game long ago called StarCraft: Broodwar. Love that game. You have three different races to choose from: Protoss, Terran, and the Zerg. My opponent was a friend of my brother’s and my brother told him that he couldn’t beat me. Ego took over and he went into the game with me. Within ten minutes, I grew my army and invaded his base from the back – not the front – and took out his harvesters. Without resources, you can’t fund your campaign. I eradicated his base and left him in a state of confusion as to how this girl could possibly beat him.

I tend to take this tactic with me in the gaming world as well as the real world. When I’m working at my job, setting goals, and fulfilling that goal. People that tell me I can’t do something only makes me want to ensure that I do that specific goal. Instead of putting doubt in my mind, it encourages me to be better than I was which isn’t a bad thing. Always improve yourself when you can and make each day count.

3.) Sacrifice.

In life, there are so many sacrifices that we have to make. When thinking of chess strategies, you sometimes have to give up a pawn or other piece in order to meet your end goal. In the long run, it’s better to focus on making sacrifices because you could be going against someone who doesn’t care about losing all their pawns but instead have that desire to win the game. Of course, you do as well but their focus will work to their advantage if you neglect to take that into account. This happens in life time and again.

You may have most of those material possessions but they could still check you. Don’t get trapped in anger and keep check your emotions. Mindless action can cause a loss.

Life Lesson Bonus
Life Lesson Bonus

Bonus Life Lesson: Cut your losses.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but never let it discourage you. Take it in stride, move on, and grow! In the end, you learn how to minimize your losses. I have often said to pick your battles and don’t let things get the better of you. Now, I do struggle with that at times. I don’t like to lose but it’s part of life so you just have to accept it.

The best chess tactics can help you turn a losing situation into a winning one. It’s not the end of the world, yeah?

That’s the way of life I think – the better prepared you are, the more you think, the better off you are.

Better Life

Do you play chess or other strategy type games? What have they taught you about life?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Hope you have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend. Keep safe!

With all my love,





P.S. If you have never played chess before but want to learn, here is a great starting point to break you into the game. Good luck!

P.S.S. This post was in response to the Daily Post’s Prompt: The Satisfaction of a List 



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