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Mobile Phone



I love the way this phone keeps us connected.

I love the little device so much.

Shiny and new and, oh so protected.

Your thumbs brush over the screen

While we sit here eating our lunch.


The way the light shines from your mobile –

Bounces off your handsome features.

I’d almost mistake you for a noble.

Your fingers sliding towards your drink,

So very mindful of the procedure.


I love sitting across from you while you text.

Your eyes light up as the sound DINGS!

Leaving me sitting here, perplexed.

Can you stop for just a moment though?

The waiter comes, our food he brings.


I love how you ignore this entire conversation,

Eyes so glued to the video on YouTube.

Eating our dessert – a nice pie is my ration.

Picking up a glob in my silver spoon –

Pie streams off your face – “I’m sorry. Was that rude?”

© Susan Reed

This post was written in response to the Daily Prompt: Game of Groans


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