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Abundant Advice

Gazing at the clock and into the mirror,

It’s difficult not to notice, I’m not the same.

My life’s experiences upon my face shown clearer,

Choices made – good or bad – I accept the blame.


Pain, laughter, tears, and smiles infused on my face –

Every line tells a hidden story that is mine.

All I can hope is that I took it all with grace

And the light in my eyes continue to radiate and shine.


Dreams cast to the wayside and hopes fallen short,

Somehow I’m not ready to quit or give into hate –

Succumbing to such a thing would surely distort

And cause the foundation of my soul to detonate.


Here I am with two choices to make:

Keep smiling and wipe away the tears –

Or wallow in pity of all of my mistakes;

Allowing myself to submit to my fears.


At the end of the day, I have to live with myself –

No matter the negative opinions – stay tough.

It’s I that has to look at myself – no one else –

And who will buff the edges that are rough.


The truth of the matter is as simple as this –

I appreciate the concern for my choices and life.

What I find useful I will take but, some, I will dismiss.

One thing I’ve surely learned – opinions of others is rife.


© Susan Moore


For more poetry, I have written my book: “Time: A Harsh Mistress” in which I have compiled a list of poems over the years of how I’ve went through grief. Click below to order your copy today!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and sending much love to you. ❤

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