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Pushing, Pushing…..



Time to make a change

Change takes time

I can see that you have

Lost all time for me.


It truly is of my own doing

You’ve tried to talk

Inside my own mind

I run away, or quickly walk.


Then, the excuses flee my lips

Excuses because inside

I’m accused of terrible things

Pushing, pushing you away…


It’s no matter or blame of you

Please, don’t take it that way

I am simply afraid of a lot

The world is so very large.


So many things to be afraid of

Don’t you understand?

Can’t you see after all these years?

The more I get close to you….


Wait, if I say it then it’s truly true….

It’s really, without question, real

All the time that I’ve spent loving you

Lessens your time in this world.

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