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Daily Post | Time Travel



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As I read today’s prompt, I can’t help but smile.

I’m incredibly guilty of enjoying all Time Travel type of shows – Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, and of course, the part in Harry Potter when Hermoine has access to the Time Turner. So, enjoying such forms of media, it might have crossed my mind of what would happen if I had the use of the TARDIS. Dreams have come into my mind of traveling as the Doctor’s Companion or whether I’d like to have a chance the Sam Beckett has of changing certain things in the past in order to move on. There’s not enough time in the day to do all of what I’d like so a Time Turner would be useful.

So many possibilities with the ability to travel through time.

So, the question would be then is where would I go if I could?

My answer to that question has been different over the years.

At one point in my life, I wanted to go back in time to do all I could to make sure that my mom didn’t die from cancer. Then, I wished that I could go when I first started college and went with what others told me and didn’t pursue my original intention of studying Archaeology. I took Paralegal courses which I found utterly mind numbing and couldn’t concentrate worth a flip. So, I would have liked to tell myself to go with my heart but then if I did that – paradoxes for crossing your own time stream.

I have entertained the idea of going to the Greek era to see Aristotle speak. Going to the Globe Theatre to see a Shakespearean play and maybe investigate if it was he that had written all of those masterpieces. Possibly going to the time of Jesus and see what happened there and ask Peter why he denied him three times. Perhaps I would just sit on the floor of the TARDIS while it hovered in space to watch the birth of the Earth and our Solar System.




The question is filled with so many possibilities of where you would and could go if you had the chance. IF we lived outside of time. Or had a way to cheat time.

As I’ve gotten older I have changed and so has my answer. I wonder what it’ll be in the next ten years ( my answer that is).

So here’s my answer on April 1, 2014 at 4:36 a.m. in the morning because I have a horrible sleeping schedule: I’d go into the future.

Up until now, my answer has always been to go to the past to change this or that, to see what people lived like in the ancient times. I really did, when I was out of high school, want to be an archaeologist to study the past for a living. I never wanted to get rich out of that, by the way, I just found it interesting and still do – to a point. But I have noticed a flaw in that line of thinking and the answer  has similarities. I live in the past. Rather, I used to live in the past.

When you live in the past, time does have a way of standing still because you wind up neglecting the things around you. It’s hard to make a step forward when you take two steps back.

So, if I had a way to go through time and space, I would like to see where we would be a hundred years from now or even a thousand. I wonder if we would advance in technology or would it be our downfall? Would we be able to all have flying cars or would we revert back to the time of horses and carriages because we depleted all of our natural resources? Have we found a way to travel to other planets and possibly inhabit them? Did we ever go to Mars? If we did, I hope they didn’t drink the water.

I have these curiosities and wonder the answers to them. I wish I could live to see some of the answers and, then again, the answers are kind of frightening at the same time.

What if we didn’t make it and we really wound up killing ourselves? What if war was still prevalent? Is peace achieved?

So, that is the answer to the question.

More questions. And, if I could, I’d like to find the answers to them all.

If that was all possible and I made it to the end of time and back to this time again, would I tell how it was?

Well, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry but…. Spoilers.


8 thoughts on “Daily Post | Time Travel”

  1. That was fun to read. If you could travel back in time and could bring one thing, what would you bring?
    Friends and I had some deep conversations and arguments over that question which I first heard in the “80’s”. The items we argued over bringing, are as archaic now as the things we would have seen in our time travel.

    1. Thank you so much, CapeJohn. 🙂 I’m so glad that you enjoyed it.

      That is a very good, and interesting, question. An answer to that question must be thought of deeply, I think.
      You are saying if I could go back in the past to bring something to the now, correct?
      Will be thinking on that one.
      Got the hamster wheels going there. 😉

      I hope you have a nice evening and thank you again!


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